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for ultra resilient remote control

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What if you can connect to 'things' on earth from anywhere via secure satellite services designed to be highly resilient. Things on land, in the air, on water ... anywhere!

WEIGHTLESS.SPACE is building on the OpenWEIGHTLESS protocol suite, optimising it for ground to satellite connections in the naturally robust low (Sub-1GHz) spectrum in addition to supporting implementations in higher frequency, such as sharing satellite broadband spectrum.

Today WEIGHTLESS protocols are building on inherited low power & scalability capabilities to add high RESILIENCE plus scalable SECURITY. Security that scales from none (public), to AES, to post quantum based on application needs.

Our aim is to get mission critical messages from origin to destination, in time, every time.

While scheduled messages might reassuringly say:  "I'm OK" -or- "30 mph"

Our core value is to get CRITICAL alerts delivered in the most challenging circumstances.

Messages like:

"Alarm! fire" -or- "Help, collision!" -or- "STOP".

These high value alerts are the focus of our endeavours with WEIGHTLESS protocol implementations, enabling communication with high value assets in mission critical or emergency situations.

for example: 

  • Commanding satellites to de-orbit satellites when normal communications have been lost.

  • Updating waypoints on autonomous vehicles, aircraft & vessels when message interception or spoofing has dire consequences.

Other uniquely suited applications include:

  • Reading in-ground smart water meters as WEIGHTLESS equipped satellites pass over urban areas.

  • Intruder detection along remote borders.

WEIGHTLESS.SPACE payloads in low orbit satellites has potential to serve 100% of the global surface, while less than 35% of landmass area served by terrestrial telecoms IoT protocols.

This makes WEIGHTLESS.SPACE a prime choice for remote COMMAND & CONTROL (C2) of critical devices, assets & infrastructure at global distances while  OpenWEIGHTLESS meets needs for low power IoT applications & 'things' terrestrially.

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We are committed to making the WEIGHTLESS-S wireless protocol the  go-to choice for connecting things on the ground to satellites.

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Feel free to reach out, we love to hear from people needing IoT/m2m global connectivity and satellite operators looking to up their game.

Unit 17 Endeavour Park, Baker Road, Nelson Park West, CRAMLINGTON, Northumberland, NE23 1XA, United Kingdom

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